• ADC: Frank "phenomanonymous" McCormick
  • Support: DeVante "SoilderSoul" Klaver
  • Mid: Eric "ElegantKiwi" Murphy
  • Jungle: Nick "TrikLe" Lestini
  • Solo: Michael "PsycheAbuse" Pullen


  • Analyst: Mike "eNigmaa" Dempsey
  • phenomanonymous

    Frank McCormick

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  • PsycheAbuse

    Michael Pullen

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  • TrikLe

    Nick Lestini

    My name is Nick Lestini, I play the Jungle role for MiMiC eSports. I got into SMITE about 2 years ago during closed beta, and fell in love after my first game. My first god I played was Kali, shes been my favorite ever since then. In addition to playing SMITE competitively, I also play semi-pro on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and am an avid World of Warcraft player. I also play 3 varsity sports for my high school....Read More

  • MiMiC eNigmaa

    Mike Dempsey

    Official Founder and CEO of MiMiC eSports: Staff Role: CEO, Team Recruitment, and Staff Management.   LoL IGN: MMC eNigmaa     Contact Information: Email:; Twitter: @MiMiCOfficial Twitch: More